Hello, my name is Sawyer Gann and I am a proud resident of North Carolina. If there’s one idea that could sum me up into who I am as a person, that would be my appreciation for family.

As I have grown older and experienced more, I have come to realize that my passion is for people and more importantly my family. I love building lasting connections and establishing friendships that benefit both of us. Some of my favorite past times are playing golf with my dad and my brother. Many of those hot summer days are what solidified the bond between me and my brother. Overall, I would simply say that building those relationships is what makes my life worth living. 

Now that I understand the gifts and desires God has placed in my heart, I have a goal with which to chase. I hope to one day attain a position that allows me to build relationships while providing some sort of financial security for my family. The closest possible career I could find with these qualities was sales. Given that there are thousands upon thousands of fields relating to sales, I want to further that path into construction. Given my southern heritage and the fact that I was raised around construction sites, I believe chasing the career of construction sales would fit me the best.